MATH 520 Linear Algebra Fall 2006

Instructor: M. C. Pinar (
Room: 305
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2pm-5pm.
Textbook and Online Resources:

     Topics to be covered (in the order below):

  1.    Vector Spaces
  2.    Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces
  3.    Linear Maps
  4.    Polynomials
  5.    Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  6.    Inner Product Spaces
  7.    Operators on Inner Product Spaces
  8.    Operators on Real Vector Spaces
  9.    Operators on Complex Vector Spaces
  10.    Trace and Determinant
  11.    Complements.

Make-up policy: It is recommended that you do not miss any examination.
A make-up will only be offered to those with a medical report duly certified
by the University Health Center. The make-up will be given with or after the final
exam and will cover the entire course material.


Test I: 17.10.2006
25 %
Test  II  :  28.11.2006
25 %
Final Test:      26.12.2006
50 % 




  • It is very important that you come to each class
    having read the material to be covered that day
    . (You will
    need to read this material at some point anyway!) Reading it
    in advance will help you to understand the lecture better.
    It also gives you a chance to ask questions about the parts
    you did not understand fully.
  • Please come and ask questions during anytime, but especially during
    the office hours. This is the time I am available exclusively to
    answer your questions.


Cheating has serious consequences. The university policy on
plagiarism will be fully applied if anyone is caught cheating on
the examinations.