IE 513 Linear Programming

Instructor: M. C. Pinar
Room: 321B
Ofiice Hours: Tuesday 3-5 pm.
Reference Books: Modeling Software: AMPL (A modeling language for mathematical programming)

The Syllabus contains the topics to be covered. In addition to those, the students are expected to acquire basic skills in using the AMPL modeling language. For general information see AMPL's site. You can find a library of  ampl solution models here.

Homeworks: 30 %
  • Hw1: Due 16th October 
  • Hw2: Due 13rd November 
  • Hw3: Due 7th December 
  • Hw4: Due 25th December 

Term Paper: 30 %
Final: 30 % 
  • date: 12nd January, 09:00-12:00, open notes, books.

Participation: 10 %