Title: On Reproducibility and Publication of Scientific Research
Authors: M. C. Pinar
Status: submitted.

In several scientific disciplines, replicability of empirical research results reported in papers is a critical issue as failure to reproduce results puts the reputation of researchers and journals at stake. Using a discrete-space version of a simple principal-agent mechanism design model put forward by R.V.Vohra, policies for acceptance and inspection for replicability of scientific papers are investigated. The model, which is initially posed as a non-linear and non-convex optimization problem, is in fact equivalent to a linear integer optimization model of which the optimal solution reveals a simple optimal acceptance/inspection policy using two key attributes associated with each submission. In the uniform probability case, the optimal policy is a threshold-value policy which advocates equal treatment to all submissions with a value equal to that of the threshold or higher. {\bf Key words:} Replicable research, principal-agent model, incentive compatibility, integer optimization, scientific publishing.